Refresher Courses: Continuing Education for Current and Returning Clients

Continuing dog training is designed for current and returning clients and their dogs upon completion of one of our Obedience & Behavior training packages. Refresher courses help reboot, maintain, and sharpen obedience, socialization, and agility skills, address any lingering behavior issues, and/or take your dog’s training to the next level.

Returning Client Packages

Obedience Packages

  • 3 Semi-Private or Private Sessions – $297
  • 5 Semi-Private or Private Sessions – $447
  • 10 Semi-Private or Private Sessions – $897
  • 20 Semi-Private or Private Sessions – $1697

Cali K9 Club – $47 Month

  • 1 Year Contract Required (EFT)
  • 10% Off Services (excluding sales and discounted services)

Group Classes

4 Group Classes per Month – $97 Month

  • 1 Group Class Week
  • Monthly Payment by EFT
  • Classes do not roll over to following month

Unlimited Group Classes per Month – $147 Month

  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • 6-Month contract by EFT

Drop-In Group Class – $47

  • Pay as you go
  • Excellent way to keep your trained dog on point

Obedience & Protection* – $197 Month

  • 3 Group Obedience Class per week
  • 1 Group Protection Class per week
  • Monthly payment by EFT
  • Evaluation required*

Protection Only Class* – $97 Month

  • 1 Protection Group Class per week
  • 4 Protection Classes within one month
  • Monthly payment by EFT
  • Classes do not roll over to following month
  • Evaluation required*

Choose a training package that includes some semi-private or private sessions and group classes. Alternately, take a look at our Board & Train page, then contact us for special pricing. Evaluations and re-evaluations and dog training are held at our San Jose facility.

Health Policy:  Due to some dogs being carriers of certain transferable infectious illnesses, and to protect all dogs in our care, we now require all dog owners to follow this updated protocol: 1. Completed series of standard vaccines and current boosters. 2. Up-to-date rabies vaccine. 3. Recent de-worming. 4. Ongoing monthly flea and tick prevention. 5. Vaccine for bordetella bacterium and regular boosters. 6. Recent vet visit for (a) complete physical, (b) skin check-up (infectious staph, sarcoptic mange, mites, lice, ringworm, fleas, ticks, etc.) and (c) fecal lab test to rule out intestinal challenges like giardia, coccidia, and other contagious parasites. Complete documentation from vet required.

Cali K9 returning client dog training packages
Returning Obedience Package
1 semi-private* or private training session

4 group Obedience Classes

*Benefits of semi-private sessions: Gain all the benefits of our private one-on-one sessions, train during weekday evening and Saturday prime time hours, meet Cali K9® clients and their dogs right away, safely socialize your dog in a small group setting, prepare for group classes, and work directly with our head trainers.

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Monthly Maintenance Pack

1 group Obedience Class per week

Cost: $97 per month via automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (credit cards and check cards). Cancellation requests must be in writing and submitted to

Six-Month Class Pack

1 group Obedience Class per week. Contract starts on purchase date and is valid for six months.

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Twelve-Month Class Pack

1 group Obedience Class per week. Contract starts on purchase date and is valid for twelve months.

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Group classes cannot be accumulated, rolled-over week to week, or transferred to another dog or handler. No make-up classes, handler changes or additional handlers.

1-408-770-7556 |  #CALIK9
1-408-770-7556 |  #CALIK9
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