Importance of a good recall command
The most important command in the dog training vocabulary is the recall command. Whether you use the word “here”, “come”, a *whistle*, or your dog’s name, nothing illustrates dog obedience more than a consistent fast recall.

Without a good recall, many things can go wrong. Your dog could run into the street or kick into prey drive and chase another animal. In worst-case scenarios, your dog could get hit by a car, injured in a dogfight, or run off and get lost.

Cali K9® trains clients to establish a one-command system. We condition your dog to be alert and ready to respond to a recall command and other commands every time he’s called or asked to perform a task, like “sit” or “down”. At first, we do this by using the motivating factor that works for your dog. All dogs are different, so it’s important to find exactly what motivates your dog, whether it is a treat, play, praise or a hug. Whatever your dog’s motivation, your trainer will help you find it.

The recall command in your home, yard or garage is never enough when it comes to real-life distractions. Our dog training team will help you condition your dog to come to you in various situations, using a wide variety of potential distractions. This is part of what makes the Cali K9® modern dog training method so unique and effective.

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Our dog training packages come with both semi-private or private sessions and group classes. Semi-private and private dog training sessions help establish your relationship and pack leadership with your dog, and illustrate exactly what’s expected. In this case, a recall command in a low-distraction environment with clear criteria means your dog comes when he’s called, stops in front of you, sits, and only focuses on you. Larger group classes introduce incremental distractions, including other people, scents, loud noises and multiple dogs.

In these group sessions, we create a high-distraction structured environment with other ‘controlled’ dogs that have gone through similar private training sessions. This is where you will practice each recall command, fine-tune new training techniques, and showcase your pack leadership and evolving relationship with your canine. There are very few real-life scenarios that provide more controlled distractions than a Cali K9® group class.

Before you know it, your dog will recall quickly, in spite of barking dogs, loud voices, clanking cans, assorted smells and other distractions. The result is a dog that listens and responds to you, no matter what.

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