California dog owners:
You’ll never have to deal with a misbehaving dog again…
Set Up Your Dog for Long-Term Success With the Best Dog Training in California

Have fun with your dog while training them to be the perfect companion with the Cali K9® Modern Dog Training Method

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Does your dog:

Not listen to your commands?

Bark excessively, react aggressively, or have problems socializing?

Not seem to respect you as their owner?

With the help of the Cali K9® Modern Dog Training Method, you and your dog will have fun and strengthen your bond while teaching your best friend how to behave properly and deal with their anxieties and stress in healthier ways.

Misbehaving is an Emotional Problem That Can be Solved With Proper Training

Here at Cali K9®, we fully embrace the words of our founder, Jas Leverette: There are no bad dogs, just uninformed owners.

If your dog is misbehaving, you should find out what is happening that is stressing them out, instead of trying to forcefully correct the behavior. Anger is a very poor training method and only serves to damage your bond with your dog.

What misbehaving dogs need is understanding and patience. They need compassion and training. The Cali K9® Modern Dog Training Method, developed by Jas Leverette, gives them exactly that.

Our training method is reward-driven, easy to follow, and fun for both you and your dog. It works for any breed, size, age, or behavior. You can check out the Cali K9® training method in practice by watching the Netflix show Canine Intervention.

Fine-Tuned Training to Make Your Dog the Perfect Companion

The Cali K9® Training Package is customized to the needs of you and your dog. You will be an active participant, both in presence and with homework and drill assignments to lock in the training into your dog's mind.

Whether your dog is completely new to training or has some experience already, your training will be custom-made to give your dog the best results.

All dog trainings follow the Cali K9® 5-Pillar Dog Training System:

The Training Package includes:

Our classes are designed to fast-track your dog into discipline, as well as fine-tune and fix any incorrect past training.

If you'd like a hands-off approach to training due to a busy schedule, you can check out our Board & Train boot camp.

In-person training is done in San Jose or North Hollywood areas.

  • On-leash obedience training
  • Progress to off-leash with daily practice
  • Agility & confidence training
  • Socialization & problem-solving
  • Lifetime access to online training courses
  • Ongoing group classes for $97/month after completion of the Training Package

Skyrocket Your Dog’s
Discipline and Become a
Stress-Free Owner

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You won’t regret helping your dog become a happier and more confident companion!