California dog owners,
you and your dog deserve a peaceful life…
Tired of Having a Disrespectful Dog That Never Listens?

With the Cali K9® reward-driven training, your dog will become a well-behaved and happy companion

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Do you often come home to a messy house full of chewed-up shoes and furniture?

Does your dog cause you and your family stress due to excessive barking, misbehaving, and reactivity?

In this 4-week boot camp, our experienced trainers will jumpstart your dog or pup into the world of discipline with the Cali K9® 5 Pillar Dog Training.

Our Board & Train program is customized to fit your needs, whether you have a pup who needs basic training or a grown dog in need of advanced training or fine-tuning.

A Misbehaving Dog Is a Stressed Dog... We'll Show You Both How to Make It Better

One thing that a lot of owners don't realize is that their dogs don't misbehave because it's fun. This sort of behavior actually comes from some kind of stress that a dog doesn't know how to deal with.

Dog training is one of the best ways of having a healthy and confident dog that you can trust, and that trusts you in return. If no training is done, a difficult dog can tear apart the bonds between them and their owner.

This is why Cali K9® uses our proprietary system, developed by international dog trainer Jas Leverette. You can watch the show Canine Intervention on Netflix to see for yourself the method in action.

Your dog deserves a life free of stress and anxiety, and so do you.

Training That Adapts to What You and Your Dog Need

Our 4-week Board & Train program is based on the Cali K9® 5-Pillar Dog Training System and is a reward-driven leadership system that will jumpstart your dog or pup into the world of discipline
and training.

Our pillars are:

If your dog has already been trained, we can fast track their progress, fine-tune any sharp edges or even reboot their progress entirely to start over even better than before.

The Board & Train sessions are done in person, with highly trained professionals. If you are in the San Jose or North Hollywood areas, we can drop off and pick up your dog personally.

Here’s what you can expect from the Board & Train boot camp:

  • Daily on/off-leash training depending on experience
  • Socialization & behavior modification
  • Agility & exercise
  • Lifetime access to online training courses
  • 30-days post-board & train group sessions and classes

Ready to Fast-Track Your Dog
Into a More Relaxing and
Stress Free Life?

Space is extremely limited for new participants. Previous evaluation and approval are required, so don't miss your chance. Your dog will thank you for the effort.