Semi-Private Package for Returning Clients Cali K9®

Semi-Private Package for Returning Clients

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Continue training with 5 Semi Private Sessions in an environment with high distractions.


Cali K9® semi-private dog training sessions give you everything our one-on-one sessions offer. We’ll address your specific needs and dog training goals.

For current or returning clients who trained with us within the past two years with the same dog.

During your training sessions, you will socialize your dog with new dogs, review the basic training terms and lingo we use. We’ll re-visit some effective methods to show you what you should want and don’t want from your dog.

We work on intermediate and advanced obedience, command, recall, on-leash drills, agility, socialization and behavior.

We also provide you with new exercises to reinforce those needs when you train every day at home. We set-up controlled environments and multiple distrations to proof how your dog behaves under a variety of conditions.

Meet and train with other Cali K9® clients and their dogs, safely socialize your dog in a small group setting, quickly prepare for larger group classes and dog parks, and work on obedience and behavior directly with our professional trainers.

Expiration Dates: Since training works best when its not spread out with long periods without training, this package expires 4 months from purchase date.