California dog owners, you and your dog deserve a stress-free relationship!
Set Your Dog Up for Long-Term Success With the Best Dog Trainers in the World

Have fun with your dog while training them to be your well-behaved companion with the Cali K9® Dog Training Method!

Does your dog or puppy…

Get distracted by everything around them?

Ignore your simple commands?

Not identify YOU as their leader?

Jump on everyone and become hyper around visitors?

Bark excessively, pull on the leash, and lunge at other dogs?

Chew up your belongings and tear up your house and yard?

Make a simple walk a scary or stressful event?

Have unwanted behaviors at the center of family arguments?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, Cali K9® can help you!

The Cali K9® Board & Train Program will train your dog to:

  • Focus on you and not other distractions
  • Respond to your commands immediately
  • Remain calm around other dogs and people
  • Become well-balanced and less anxious, fearful and stressed
  • Become your well-behaved companion and best friend

Our Board & Train Program Includes

Is our Board & Train Program right for you?

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Dogs learn differently. So, we work one-on-one with your dog to learn exactly what motivates them and makes them tick.

During Your Dog’s Board and Train, Your Dog Will:

  • Work with experienced dog trainers every day
  • Learn our proven, reward-driven obedience fundamentals
  • Safely socialize with multiple dogs in all environments 
  • Have a daily outlet for agility and exercise
  • Work on problem-solving to address unwanted behaviors
  • Do multiple reps to lock in results with lots of distractions

Get a happier & healthier dog!

“There are no bad dogs, just uninformed owners.” 

-Jas Leverette, Cali K9® Founder

A Misbehaving Dog Is a Fearful, Impulsive or Stressed Dog…

We’ll help build your dog’s focus and engagement, while reducing stress, building confidence, and conquering fears. 

We strive to create an enjoyable experience for your dog. We boost your dog’s confidence to help them navigate different people and other dogs using a variety of real-world distractions.

The Cali K9® proprietary training system was developed by international dog trainer Jas Leverette. See his training in action on Canine Intervention, streaming worldwide on Netflix.

Your dog deserves a life free of stress, fear and anxiety, and so do you!

Jumpstart your dog’s training and finally enjoy your relationship with your dog!

Our Board & Train Program Adapts to What You and Your Dog Really Need!

We customize our training techniques and adapt them to your dog’s temperament and specific training needs, and your goals.

This Board & Train Program is based on the Cali K9® 5-Pillar Dog Training Method, a world-renowned, reward-driven leadership system.

Our 5 pillars are:

We fast track your dog’s progress, fine-tune commands, and if you’ve already introduced some training, we’ll fine-tune or reboot their training altogether!

Daily sessions are conducted by our experienced professional trainers. Your dog will work with different dog trainers, both one-on-one and with other canines in small groups to build their confidence and ready them for real world experiences. 

The Board and Train Program provides an excellent opportunity to work on:

  • Place Command
  • Focus
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Search
  • Spin
  • Up

We train your dog to perform these commands with real-world distractions and prepare them to go with you anywhere.

Here’s what you can expect from our Board Train packages:

  • Daily on-leash obedience training
  • Some off-leash training for more experienced dogs
  • Safe socialization
  • Targeted behavior training
  • Daily agility & exercise
  • Lifetime access to online training courses
  • Post board & train reinforcement
  • Daily exercises to do at home long-term
**Immediately after Board & Train, our Follow-Up Training includes private sessions, zoom groups, and group classes to make sure owners are on the same page as their newly-trained canines.
Manage unwanted behaviors, help your dog become calm & more confident and create a life-lasting bond with your dog.

We provide drop-off, pick-up, and follow-up training in San Jose or North Hollywood.

Space is extremely limited, so don’t delay!

Trainer approval, paperwork and vet approval required.

Ready to Fast-Track Your Dog’s Training and Enjoy a More Relaxing and Stress-Free Life?

Our Board & Train Program Includes

Is our Board & Train Program right for you?

Book your Evaluation Zoom Call today. Valued at $100…Now only $25

Check out Jas Leverette and his Cali K9® Training Method in action on Canine Intervention on Netflix, the Cali K9 YouTube channel, and Instagram @calik9 and @calik9training.