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1 Week Board & Train (Members Only) Cali K9®

1 Week Board & Train (Returning Clients)


Returning Clients-Get 1 week of full time Board & Train services at our ranch in Acton, CA. This is a great way to touch up the previous training and further advance your dog’s obedience.

Location: San Jose

San Jose
North Hollywood


1 Week Board & Train

With 15 years of experience in giving training to all dogs of any breed or any size Cali K9 has developed an environment where dogs can make new friends while relaxing in the shade, play in our outdoor play yards and receive training that will change their lives and yours. In fact, your furry family member can climb to the top of the hillside and take in a breathtaking view of the mountainous range. 

What is included: 

  • Full-time boarding at our ranch in Acton, CA, for 1 week (you can add as many weeks as you like - $997 per week).
  • 1 drop off session with the lead trainer to go over diet, medications and any questions from the owner. (half hour max)
  • 1 In-person Private Session on the day of the pickup.
  • Your dog will have three private one-on-one training sessions with our trainers per day. Total of 1.5 hours.
  • 3-4 hours of controlled play time & socialization training per day.
  • Two meals per day plus treats
  • Distribution of any medications (if applicable)


  • 1 Week Board & Train are for clients and their dogs who have completed one of our training programs, know our training method, and have been approved for Board & Train by their trainer. 
  • Dog must be free of injuries and illnesses
  • Updated Vaccinations
  • Drop-off, pick-up, and follow-up training will be scheduled in San Jose or North Hollywood.
  • No handler-directed aggression
  • No severe human aggression, separation anxiety or constant escaping.
    Human aggression means growling, snarling, baring teeth, lunging, charging, snapping, mouthing, biting or attempting to bite, raised hackles and/or rigid body posture directed toward trainers or other humans.
  • Participants must agree to all terms, conditions and policies at checkout and also provide additional written documentation prior to scheduling.
  • Space is very limited. Scheduling must be flexible. Drop off dates, locations, and times will vary. 
  • No refunds for board & train contracts after 72 hours of checking out

Important: ****We will need to discuss schedules and dates/times for drop off and pick-up prior to scheduling your 'drop off date'.

About Cali K9 Training Method

Cali K9 Dog Training Method

Why our method works

Our proprietary dog training system is recognized as one of the best systems in the world and our reviews, testimonials and client track record can confirm that. Our system has been evolving since 2009: Obedience, Socialization, Agility, Behavior Management and Problem Solving Techniques. Any issues you are having with your dog will be addressed and solved using this training method that guarantees results. Using the Cali K9 Method we use motivational based training to keep training a game for the dog. We call the dog being motivated “ignition” and describe the training process as “gamified.” Our 5 pillar proprietary training method adapts to your dog’s specific needs and your training goals.

What obedience training includes:


Build the foundation for an obedient and well behaved furry best friend. Through well organized training sessions, your dog will become less distracted, more focused on you and become responsive to your commands.


Create confidence and adaptability in your canine through positive socialization experiences. Proper socialization is essential for a well rounded and well adjusted dog, making interactions with other pets and people more harmonious.


Agility training unleashes your dog’s full potential. Enhance their coordination, and mental problem solving skills through engaging and fun exercises that keep their body engaged and their mind active.

Behavior Management

Behavior Management: Identify and modify unwanted behaviors using motivational based training and positive reinforcement. Excessive barking, jumping or even more complex issues will become a thing of the past. Your dog will be guided toward more desirable behavior patterns by our team of skilled trainers.

Problem Solving Techniques

Approaching each dog’s individual challenges we use care, expertise and our training methods to suit their needs. Our mission is to empower dog owners with problem solving techniques to overcome obstacles and build a long lasting and loving relationship with their canine.

What obedience training includes:


Use a positive voice tone and a hand signal at the same time, your hand should be in front of him with the palm up.


From a sit position, the dog should lay down next to you. If you are including hand signals, you would put your palm down and move your arm in a downward motion. Make sure he can see your hand


This means “Wait here until I come back”. If the dog breaks the command, put him back where he started and repeat the exercise. By returning to him instead of calling to him, you build a more consistent response of waiting for you to return.


Your dog knows how to walk on a loose leash on your left side. He should follow you (at your heel) regardless of change of pace, direction, or when you stop. He should not be walking in front of or lagging behind.


This command should interrupt any activity and your dog should come running to you. “Come” is always positive. For best results squat down and say your dog’s name then “come”.