Cali K9® Training Method

Modern Dog Training 

Our exclusive dog training method is a proprietary system of modern, reward-based, balanced, competition-level dog training techniques and tools to make you and your dog(s) successful in any situation.

Our trainer’s skills are constantly being fine-tuned and upgraded by attending weekly intensive “trainers’ training” workshops with Jas Leverette. It’s further enhanced by participation in dog sport training and events and working with top trainers in the dog training, dog sport, and K9 protection sports world.

Training packages and programs are designed to meet the specific needs of you and your canine, regardless of breed, size, age, temperament or behavior issue. Dog training services include obedience, agility, behavior modification, aggressive dog rehabilitation, advanced on and off-leash obedience, task-oriented dog training, protection, group classes, board & train, and a variety of customized training packages to suit individual training goals, budgets, schedules, and how each dog learns.