Training Facilities

California K9 Solutions® dog training facilities are located in San Jose and North Hollywood where we conduct dog training sessions, group classes, and trainers' training.


Our Bay Area training facility is located at 950 South 1st Street in San Jose.

Our Los Angeles training facility is located at 5015 Lankershim Blvd in the NoHo Art District in North Hollywood. 

Our training facilities are centrally-located and house our business offices, dog training areas and group classes. 

Shopping: To purchase training boxes, touchpads, dog training equipment, tug toys, and Cali K9® brand apparel, please visit our website.  

Group Classes

Group classes are held inside and outside our San Jose and North Hollywood dog training facilities, with the exception of our advanced "out & about" off-leash group.

For Your Safety 

To maintain a safe environment for everyone and minimize distractions, we limit who can accompany you to your appointment, private or semi-private training sessions, and group classes.

Please do NOT bring guests, infants, children, friends, relatives not in your household, other dogs, dog walkers, dog trainers, or breeders to your appointments, semi-private or one-on-one training sessions, or group classes. Exceptions: The household or family member financially responsible for training and those who will handle the dog at home and during training sessions.

Important! Please do not pet, touch, call, talk to, feed, play with, or attempt to interact in any way with dogs that don’t belong to you, while in our training facility, parking lot, or at outdoor group classes.

No unattended children, guests, or other dogs permitted inside or outside the facility or at "out & about" groups in other locations. Guests, unattended children, and dogs may not be left in your car, in the reception area, or outside the facility.

All dogs must adhere to our health policy and other company policies, have documentation that all vaccines are up-to-date, and be on a leash at all times.

Dogs in heat are not allowed in our dog training facility, parking lot, or in group classes for a minimum of 21 days. No exceptions.

Please read our complete Company Policies.