This program is led by me, Jas Leverette, host and executive producer of Netflix series Canine Intervention and founder of Cali K9 Dog Training 

My Cali K9 Training Method has impacted thousands of dog owners world wide.

Cali K9 Mentorship Program

Do you want to become a successful dog trainer?
Do you want to run your own lucrative business?

This Mentorship Program has everything you need. The program consists of a mentorship arrangement between Jas Leverette and a mentee. This program provides the mentee with hands-on experience in all aspects of running a dog training business including: 

  • Theory
  • Behavior Training
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Training
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Working with Jas Leverette
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Here's What to Expect From This 6 Month Program:

  • In depth education of the Cali K9 Training Method Theory
  • All of Cali K9’s behavior training including the 5 pillars and the 16 dimensions of temperament
  • Expertise in all Problem Solving Techniques for any dog
  • A masterclass in Business Training so you can run your business efficiently
  • The ins and outs of Marketing so you never have to second guess or waste money throwing spaghetti at the wall
  • 2 private coaching calls with Jas
  • 4 group calls
  • Access Online Dog Training Course
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This Mentorship Program Includes 6 Modules:

Module 1 -Theory

Module #1 is the "why and the how." Whether you have a rescue dog, a young adult dog with bad behaviors or aggression or a new small puppy, you will have dog behavior issues. Learning the 16 Dimensions of Temperament and using the Cali K9 5 Pillar Training System you will be able to help any dog owner with any dog problems.  

16 Dimensions of Temperament

  •  Indoor activity
  • Outdoor activity
  • Vigor
  • Emotional stability
  • Behavioral consistency
  • Dominance with dogs                         
  • Dominance with people
  • Sociability with family members            
  • Sociability with strangers
  • Sociability with children
  • Territoriality
  •  Learning rate
  • Problem solving
  • Obedience
  • Guard dog ability
  • Watchdog ability

Module 2 - Behavior Training

In Module #2 the trainee will learn the Cali K9 Training Method. Our proven reward-based, balanced, humane training method will give you the tools to reach your dog training goals. After this module you will be an expert dog trainer.

  • Ignition
  • Break
  • Lure
  • Touch
  • Jump
  • Spin
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Sit in motion
  • Down in motion
  • Stand in motion
  • Heel
  • Turn
  • Search
  • Low Agility
  • Medium Agility
  • High Agility
  • Rotation
  • Front position
  • Heel position
  • Back up
  • Hop
  • Through
  • Middle position
  • Send out
  • Recall
  • Bark
  • Bite
  • Retrieve

Module 3 - Problem Solving

Module #3 is designed to provide aspiring dog trainers with the skills and problem solving techniques they need to become successful in their profession.

  • Jumping on guest at the door
  • Digging in backyard
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Won’t heel 
  • Peeing in the house
  • Running out the front door 
  • Chewing on everything
  • Nipping at owner’s hand
  • Barking at the window
  • Possessive of owner
  • Reactivity towards everything
  • Dog aggression
  • And so much more...

Module 4 - Business Training

In Module #4 the trainee will receive training in business management; helping them establish their own dog training business. This includes developing a business plan, managing finances, and utilizing systems to make business run smoothly.

  • LLC creation
  • Branding
  • Overhead
  • Credit
  • Scheduling
  • Income goals
  • Taxes 
  • Expenses
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Systems integration
  • Automation
  • Client relations

    Our training for building a successful dog training company gives an understanding of the Dog Industry, including its different sectors and how they interact. The training will have topics such as developing a business plan, managing growth, understanding marketing and sales techniques, developing a strong online presence, networking with other professionals, and building relationships with customers.

Module 5 - Marketing & Sales

Module #5  focuses on marketing, social media and fine tuning approaches to get in touch with your ideal clients.

  • Sales strategy
  • Informational content
  • Commercial content
  • Running ads
  • Social media
  • Retargeting
  • Email marketing
  • Creating an avatar
  • Sales campaigns
  • Creating urgency
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sales calls

Having a strong online presence is essential for any business. Using social media platforms to promote your business and engage with potential clients as well as creating marketing campaigns that speak to your ideal clients will boost your business to the next level.

Module 6 - Working With Jas

Module #6 is your chance to work in person with the founder and owner of Cali K9.
Working in person with Jas Leverette as your dog training mentor will the most valuable experience for both you and your business. It will be day after day of extensive dog training at the highest caliber. (This is available only on 12 months plan or additional add on cost)



Our method is a balanced approach that teaches dogs new behavior through clear communication. We incorporate praise, food and toys to make training feel like a game for the dog while proofing behaviors through distractions. 


This mentorship program is for the entire world. We will be having weekly zoom calls to go over all the material. You will also be giving an online training course with homework to practice reps between sessions. You will be given assignments to develop your business and so much course material, that if you put in the effort, we guarantee results.


A lot of trainers train obedience, but Cali K9 has a unique system where we get the dog into what we call the "dopamine state." This allows the dog to see the training as fun and something they look forward to. Once we get the dog into a "dopamine state" we gradually introduce them to high levels of distraction, including ones that make them aggressive or nervous. But while engaged with you and excited to train, those distractions that usually would cause your dog stress, become nothing more than a walk in the park.


This is a 6 month program. Every week there is a group call and where all modules will be gone over. We will have accountability check ins and progress reports. While everyday you will be practicing the Cali K9 Method using our Online Training Course. 

Training & Business Online Mentorship Program