LIVE CALI K9® SEMINAR - March 4th 2pm

Reserve your spot now—space is limited!

LIVE CALI K9® SEMINAR - March 4th 2pm

Reserve your spot now—space is limited!

What you learn at this seminar will be the dog training skills you will use for the rest of your life.

Does your dog or puppy...

Ignore your simple commands?

Not identify YOU as their leader?

Jump on everyone and become hyper around visitors?

Bark excessively, pull on the leash, and lunge at other dogs?

Chew up your belongings and tear up your house and yard?

Make a simple walk a scary or stressful event?

Have unwanted behaviors at the center of family arguments?

The Cali K9® Seminar will help your dog:

Focus on you and not other distractions

Respond to your commands immediately

Stay calm around other dogs and people in public and at home

Become well-balanced and less anxious, fearful and stressed

Know what is appropriate to chew on

Heel and recall when you want them to and make simple walks easy

Be your companion and best friend

During The Cali K9 Seminar You Will:

Learn what it takes to become an experienced dog trainer

See our proven, reward-driven obedience fundamentals in action 

Observe how to safely socialize your pet with multiple dogs in all environments

Gain knowledge of what it takes to give your dog a daily outlet for agility and exercise

Have a Q & A on problem-solving techniques to address unwanted behaviors

The Cali K9® Live Seminar will teach you the Cali K9® 5-Pillar Dog Training Method, a world-renowned, reward-driven leadership system. Our 5 pillars are:

Begin Your Journey Toward Having a Well-Behaved Dog

Live Event Starts on March 4th at 2pm 

Reserve your spot now—space is limited!

LOCATION: 5015 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601

See Jas Leverette and his Cali K9® Training Method in action on Canine Intervention, streaming worldwide on Netflix. Follow the Cali K9® YouTube Channel, and on Instagram @calik9 and @calik9training