Semi Private Package For Returning Clients

Semi-Private Training Package For Current or Returning Clients 

California dog owners...

You and your dog deserve to continue to train and grow!

  • Is your dog misbehaving, even after some training?
  • Falling back into the same bad habits and a few new ones?
  • Have YOU slacked on your daily drills and training?
  • Do you as the owner need more motivation to train?
  • Is your dog still 100% focused and on point?
  • Does your dog need more structure and socialization?
  • Is your dog still pulling on the leash or worse?
  • Is your dog’s behavior back at the center of family stress?
The Cali K9® reward-driven leadership system will help your dog continue to be your best friend and continue or reboot past training!

Continue or get re-connected with your training...

This package offers 10 Semi-Private Training Sessions that will help you
● Take your training to the next level...
● Overcome a few bumps in the road...
● Even become a master of the Cali K9® training system.
An excellent way to get more reps in by training in a semi-private environment with high distractions and some agility and socialization.
This package is ideal for dogs
that need more training or re-training
have developed a few new bad habits
need extra help due to changes in your home, going back to the workplace, a new baby or dog, or just old anxiety or aggression.

Semi-Private Training...the afforbable, effective way to learn or re-learn the Cali K9® proven obedience fundamentals, practice socialization, get more exercise with agility training, and address behavioral issues in a supportive group setting.
Our experienced dog trainers will help you continue to train and maintain to lock in results with lots of distractions.


Watch Canine Intervention on Netflix to see Jas Leverette's training in action.

Like all of our other programs, this package is based on the Cali K9® 5-Pillar Dog Training Method, a world-renowned, reward-driven leadership system.

Our 5 pillars are:
  • Obedience
  • Socialization
  • Agility
  • Behavior Management
  • Problem-Solving
All sessions are conducted by our experienced professional trainers. Your dog will work with different dog trainers and canines in small social groups. This provides an excellent opportunity to work on focus and recall command, with lots of distractions.
Here’s what you can expect from our Semi-Private Package For Returning Clients:
  • On-leash obedience training
  • Some off-leash for older, more experienced dogs
  • Safe socialization in small groups
  • Targeted behavior training
  • Agility and exercise
  • Daily drills and exercise to do at home long-term

Ready to Fast-Track or ReBoot Your Dog’s Training?
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