Board & Train Agreement

I understand that dog training is not without risk to me, members of my family or my dog.

I agree that in the event of injury to me, my family, my dog(s), or my personal property, I will hold Jas Leverette, California K9 Solutions® LLC, Cali K9® trainers, and the property owner(s) where the training is held harmless from any and all liability for any loss, damage or injury to any person, animal, or property, that may have arisen out of, or in any way connected with, participation in a board and train program, other training and socialization sessions, group classes, use of the Cali K9® training methods, or other activity held by Jas Leverette, California K9 Solutions® LLC, Cali K9® trainers, assistants and representatives.

Furthermore, I assume all responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to myself or others, my dog(s), other dogs or property, by my dog’s actions or by me. I understand California K9 Solutions® LLC aka Cali K9® reserves the right to determine if any dog or human behavior is inappropriate for the board and train learning environment and safety of the participants, trainers and staff.

I understand that I may cancel this contract without penalty or obligation at any time within 72 hours of the date and time of checkout, on which I agreed to training terms and company policies and purchased this training. Should I choose to cancel this contract prior to the deadline, I must provide written notice of the termination by email to In the event of a sale or promotion for training packages to start at a later late, absolutely no refunds after 72 hours of purchase.

If included with this Board & Train programonline training course cost will be deducted from refund amount if the fourth session is accessed prior to cancellation, within first 72 hours. Initial here after printing out:_____

No refunds for board & train contracts after 72 hours of checking out in our store, agreeing to all terms and conditions prior to checkout, and making your payment. No refunds for unused portions of expired packages. Services included with my program have specific expiration dates after the boarding phase is completed. No exceptions.

I certify that my dog is at least 4 months of age before starting this program. Depending on our schedule, I understand that there may be a wait time before my dog can start training. Initial here after printing out:_____

I understand Cali K9® is very transparent about when my dog can start training, which can take a few weeks, especially after a sale. Initial here after printing out:_____

I understand I must plan my drop-off as soon it can be scheduled. Drop-off and pick-up dates are scheduled on specific days only, most of which are around the beginning/end of the month. Initial here after printing out:_____
I understand I may not request scheduling later than 30 days after my purchase if a drop-off slot can be scheduledInitial here after printing out:_____
I understand there is no guarantee my Board & Train spot will be in a specific facility or on very specific dates. The team will make every attempt to accommodate individual needs. Transportation will be provided if needed. Initial here after printing out:_____
I understand there are no drop-off or pick-up dates that synchronize with the beginning and end of major holidays. Initial here after printing out:_____
I understand I cannot postpone my training and scheduled drop-off date unless there is a true emergency, which must be documented and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Initial here after printing out:_____

Once the cancellation window is closed, there are no refunds if my training cannot start "soon enough" or if I cannot get the precise dates or location I want. Initial here after printing out:_____       

I acknowledge that my training may not start right away and I agree to these terms. I acknowledge that after a sale, my training may not start until a specified date in the future, depending upon the terms of that sale.

I understand I must be honest about my dog's human-directed aggression, no matter how mild it may seem. I certify that my dog does not display any human aggression like growling, snarling, baring teeth, lunging, charging, snapping, mouthing, biting or attempting to bite, staring, raised hackles, or rigid body posture directed toward humans) and/or severe separation anxiety. Initial here after printing out:_____

I understand there will be no refunds for board & train packages when any "human-directed" aggression or severe searation anxiety is displayed during the program. Initial here after printing out:_____

Lunging is not human-aggressive if not directed toward a human. Dogs who growl, snarl, bare teeth, lunge, charge, snap, bite or attempt to bite, raise hackles, etc. directed toward trainers or other humans will be removed from the program sent home immediately at the owner's expense. Training may not be transferred to another dog.

I understand that I must be committed to this training and that a minimum of 15 minutes per day of ongoing home reinforcement will be required in order to be successful. 

I further agree that the success of any board and train program depends on my regular attendance at all included training sessions, working with my canine on a daily basis after board and train ends, and if needed, attending additional training sessions and group classes on a long-term basis.

I understand services included with this board & train program expire 30 days (2-week boot camp) or 60 days (4-week boot camp) from the pick-up dateInitial here after printing out:_____

I understand that dog training includes learning and reinforcing the Cali K9® training methods, terminology and techniques in board & train, attending training sessions included with program, daily practice at home after training is complete, multiple owners being on the same page, and the health and age of my dog.

Ongoing training: After my board & train and all included sessions are complete, I understand I may purchase private training sessions, private Zooms, a group class monthly subscription, and use the online dog training course to supplement daily training at home to enhance and/or help maintain results.

Since Cali K9® can’t “go home with me” to monitor the environment,  consistency, and ongoing daily training by owners and family members, I understand there are no specific promises or guarantees.

I understand that this board and train package is not transferable to any other dog or party not listed on this contract. If I cancel or fail to show up for my scheduled in-person follow-up sessions with less than a full 48-hour advance notice, I will forfeit that session without refund or rescheduling. True emergencies will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. I understand I must notify the office via email to cancel or reschedule a session a full 48 hours ahead of my appointment.

I understand that training of any type is an activity requiring both me and my dog to be reasonably fit. My veterinarian has examined my dog and agrees that my dog is healthy and in condition to perform in this board and train program. My dog has been examined, treated, and vaccinated for everything listed in the Cali K9® Health Policy, and everything is current. I have documentation to support this and will provide Cali K9® with copies prior to drop off.

I understand that my dog may experience the following issues during his/her stay:

Though carefully supervised, I understand that my dog may get a few minor cuts, nicks, scratches & abrasions as he/she learns to use the agility course and socializes and plays with other dogs.

I understand he/she may attempt to become an ‘escape artist’ in his/her crate or kennel, especially if he/she has never experienced being in them. I also understand that a few minor self-inflicted scratches or cuts may occur in the beginning.

I understand that my dog may go through a short, sometimes stressful period when adapting to a new environment, which is very different from being in my home. I understand it’s possible my dog won’t eat as much at first.

In addition, I understand my dog will burn more calories than they do at home. In the facility, dogs will train, socialize, practice agility, attend groups, and move around a lot. Initial here after printing out:_____

I understand trainers check each dog’s weight upon arrival and monitor it every few days. Dogs are examined and observed daily. I understand I will be notified if food needs to be increased, more food is needed, or if there is anything else that needs my immediate attention. In the event of weight loss, illness or injury, I will be notified immediately. I agree to be available by phone, text, and/or email in the event a trainer or the staff needs to contact me for any reason.

I understand that a variety training equipment may be used during training, including slip leads, long leads, short leashes, tug toys, and low-stimulation vibration collars. 

Health: My dog is not pregnant and is free of any infectious disease, internal and external parasites, contagious respiratory problems, and skin disorders. I agree to notify Cali K9® of any allergies or sensitivities to metal, plants, or other substances. If my dog goes into heat during board and train, training will resume after my dog is no longer in heat. 

I understand that my dog will be around multiple dogs of all ages during socialization. My dog may not have developed immunity to some common bugs and may experience changes to their bowel habits or fall ill.

I give Cali K9® permission to take my dog to the company vet for evaluation and any needed medical attention. I will immediately notify Cali K9® if vet re-evaluation or care is needed after board and train ends. Cali K9® is not responsible for outside vet bills during or after their stay.

I understand Cali K9® will be very transparent about when my dog can start training, especially if my schedule isn't flexible after purchase or after a holiday sale. Once the 72-hour cancellation window is closed, there are no refunds if my training cannot start "soon enough" or on an exact date or location I choose. I acknowledge that my training may not start right away and I agree to these terms. 

After the cancellation deadline, I understand there are no refunds for unused board and train time, sessions or classes if I drop out before the end of the program. No transfers to other dogs or handlers. No refunds for unused sessions after the program expires.

I acknowledge that I agree to this Agreement electronically. I agree this is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this Agreement. I further consent to be legally bound by this Agreement's terms and conditions and that my use of a keypad, mouse, stylus or other device to select an item, button, box or icon is the same as if actually signed by me in writing.

I also agree that no certification authority or other third-party verification is necessary to validate this agreement and that the lack of such certification or third-party verification will not in any way affect the enforceability this Agreement or any resulting contract between me and California K9 Solutions LLC.

I also represent that I am authorized to enter into this Agreement and further agree that purchasing dog training services constitutes my agreement to be bound by the California K9 Solutions LLC company policies and the terms of this dog training Agreement.

I specifically agree that I am able to print on paper and/or download and save this Agreement prior to submitting it from this website under FAQ+ on the main menu. I agree to keep my email address up to date and that California K9 Solutions reserves the right to send notices regarding this Agreement and training to the email address on file for me and that I may change that email address at any time by logging in to my account at or notifying the office at

By consenting to use this electronic Agreement, I agree that I was able to read this electronic Agreement and the California K9 Solutions LLC company policies and FAQ on this website. I consent to receive electronically any records, notices, agreements or disclosures made to me by California K9 Solutions LLC during the course of my relationship with them.

I have read and fully understand the Company Policies* on this website. I have read and fully understand the Health Policy. *Policies are subject to change at any time.

I understand I need to sign manual versions this agreement and company policies, and provide my dog's health documents immediately. Scheduling will be discussed and finalized once all paperwork is received. 

If printing out, please initial where indicated and initial and date each page and sign and date below which indicates you have read and agree to all policies. You also agreed to these terms at checkout. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED

Print Owner Name:_________________________

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