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With The Cali K9® 5-Pillar Dog Training System

Become a pack leader, give your dog structure and solve your dog issues all from the comfort of your own home.



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Learn proven techniques to help with your dog's behavior issues from expert dog trainer Jas Leverette

  • Eradicate aggressive behavior 

  • Have a dog that is well-mannered and obedient

  • Establish trust and respect from your canine

  • Have a dog that is socialized and be able to take your dog anywhere

  • Create clear rules and boundaries for your dog that they will obey


Jas Leverette

International Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

Jas Leverette is the owner/founder of CALI K9® and the star of Canine Intervention, streaming worldwide on Netflix.

Jas is a world-renowned canine behaviorist and dog trainer. He is on a mission to utilize his expertise to help reduce the number of dog bite cases and dogs sent to shelters or abandoned each year worldwide.

Jas has made remarkable appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres ShowDr. Phil, TMZ, and numerous other news and lifestyle shows.

Jas is an experienced certified Schutzhund (IGP) decoy and helper. He is also a PSA-certified decoy (Protection Sports Assn).

Jas Leverette of Cali K9 on the Ellen DeGeneres show


Ellen DeGeneres welcomed trainer and dog behaviorist Jas Leverette, star of the Netflix docuseries “Canine Intervention.”

Dr. Phil And Celebrity Dog Trainer Jas Leverette

DR. Phil, along with Jas Leverette, celebrity pet trainer and behaviorist, star of the Netflix show Canine Intervention, and founder of Cali K9.

Dr. Phil And Celebrity Dog Trainer Jas Leverette Implore Pet Owners To Take Responsibility For Their Pets’ Behavior

Cali K9 Dog Training MethodWhy our method works

Our proprietary dog training system is recognized as one of the best systems in the world and our reviews, testimonials and client track record can confirm that. Our system has been evolving since 2009: Obedience, Socialization, Agility, Behavior Management and Problem Solving Techniques. Any issues you are having with your dog will be addressed and solved using this training method that guarantees results. Using the Cali K9 Method we use motivational based training to keep training a game for the dog. We call the dog being motivated “ignition” and describe the training process as “gamified.” Our 5 pillar proprietary training method adapts to your dog’s specific needs and your training goals.


Build the foundation for an obedient and well behaved furry best friend. Through well organized training sessions, your dog will become less distracted, more focused on you and become responsive to your commands.


Create confidence and adaptability in your canine through positive socialization experiences. Proper socialization is essential for a well rounded and well adjusted dog, making interactions with other pets and people more harmonious.


Agility training unleashes your dog’s full potential. Enhance their coordination, and mental problem solving skills through engaging and fun exercises that keep their body engaged and their mind active.

Behavior Management

Behavior Management: Identify and modify unwanted behaviors using motivational based training and positive reinforcement. Excessive barking, jumping or even more complex issues will become a thing of the past. Your dog will be guided toward more desirable behavior patterns by our team of skilled trainers.

Problem Solving Techniques

Approaching each dog’s individual challenges we use care, expertise and our training methods to suit their needs. Our mission is to empower dog owners with problem solving techniques to overcome obstacles and build a long lasting and loving relationship with their canine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I address my dogs issues online

Cali K9 go through a five pillar system that allows you to address your obedience socialization agility behavior management and problem-solving. The online course has a step-by-step approach to obtaining the perfect dog if you follow each part of the program. The zoom sessions will also allow you to answer questions and get clarity and if you have excessive problems you can do private zoom calls from wherever you are having the problem and a trainer will coach you through everything.

Where did Jas learn his training?

Jas spent his adolescent years and his young 20s partaking in DogSport which is a high competition discipline with. some of the most advanced dogs in the world just trained with multiple mentors worldwide learning how to manage and control some of the most powerful dogs in the world. That’s also has been training dogs now for 15 years professionally yhelping clients rehabilitate some of the most aggressive and unruly dogs.

What if I’m in a different time zone?

Cali K9 has multiple classes throughout the day to fit multiple time zones around the world. We also make recordings of the classes if you are not able to attend

What if I want to train with Jas personally?

Jas overseas manages 4 training facilities both in northern and southern California and has a mentor program and is active in making content with several brands so his Personal training availability is very limited. If you are interested in training with Jas you can please email us to discuss a custom training option

What will I learn in the online training?

Our objective is to teach clear communication, establish pack leadership, and simultaneously nurture your dog's enthusiasm and expression.
During this program, you'll gain expertise in several crucial areas:

  • Explore the 16 Dimensions of Dog Temperament.
  • Implement our Proven 5-Pillar System for effective training.
  • Master leveraging all three key motivators.
  • Learn the proper application and use of essential dog training equipment.


Jas Is hands down the best dog trainer I have found for my dog. I have a 5 and a half month old blue heeler puppy that has progressed so much in the time I have worked
with Jas. He has been straightforward and easy to deal with and has given me all the tools i need to make my working breed dog work for me! I am excited to continue working with Jas on my dogs obedience and continue onto Shutzhund. Thanks Jas!

Sarah W

I was fortunate enough to observe an "exhibition" that California K9 solutions held at a pet expo. I was
completely blown away by the control Jas had over his canine students AND the owners (his human students) had over their companions.

Jas' sense of humor and obvious affection for canines had me considering taking my dog for training lessons. From the first class, he had my dog's personality pegged and had some new techniques to use that I had never seen. Jas does not hoard his knowledge and genuinely seems to enjoy sharing it. Jas and his staff are friendly and incredibly helpful.

These things makes training with them fun and enjoyable. I would HIGHLY recommend Cali K9 to anyone for any size, breed, or temperament of dog. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with this fabulous group!!

Coleen S.

Jas is an amazing trainer who makes the training session fun for the humans and the dogs. We had an out of control GSD who I had been fostering for 6 months. We spoke with Jas before adopting my dog and Jas's knowledge, confidence, flexibility, and sincerity to want the best for me and my dog at the evaluation made me feel like I had found the right trainer.
We choose to go with a combination of group and private sessions and in a few sessions, Jas has worked wonders with my dog. We use the private session to learn techniques as well as work on any issues that my dog has.
The group session are great because we work with lots of distraction. The San Jose venue works beautifully because of the distractions in the form of dogs, kids, and traffic (which is the real world) instead of our backyard or a closed out training venue.
I would highly recommend Jas without hesitation to anyone who wants to have a well-trained dog. The value you get for what you pay (which is very affordable) is huge!