Jas Leverette, world-renowned canine behaviorist and dog trainer, is on a mission to utilize his expertise to help reduce the number of dog bite cases and dogs sent to shelters or abandoned each year worldwide.

Whether you have a new puppy, a rescue dog, a young adult dog with bad behaviors or aggression, an older pet in need of new tricks, or an intense breed like Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd  working K9s, you will probably face challenges that require professional dog training help.

Our proven reward-based, balanced, humane training method, experienced dog trainers, customized dog training packages, board & train programs, and online dog training courses can give you the tools to help you reach your dog training goals.

We train both dog and owner to overcome common dog behavior challenges and work with each breed's primal instincts and energy level. Develop a lasting bond and a positive dynamic with your best friend.

Get started and become your dog's expert handler and pack leader. Purchase a dog training package in San Jose or Los Angeles.

Join our board & train program, or sign up for our online dog training courses 'Obedience Fundamentals' followed by 'Advanced Online Obedience'.

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"There are no bad dogs...just uninformed owners." ~ Jas Leverette