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Everything You Think You Know About Dog Training is About to Change!

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Everything You Think You Know About Dog Training is About to Change

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a new bill that is cracking down on dangerous dog trainers. 

Across the US, most counties, don't require dog trainers to have a license to practice their profession.

So, the label "Dog Training Professional" can be a little dubious. This is because, sadly, dog training is not a regulated industry, meaning there are no county, state or federal industry standards. No qualifications. No certifications.

This means that in the past "dog trainers" could have a criminal history of animal abuse - which happens more than you could imagine - and STILL be able to call themselves a dog trainer. Still take your money. And abuse your dog with their "dog training." If dog training is unregulated how is a dog owner, seeking training, supposed to know a good trainer from a bad one?

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