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Not sure where to start? Learn more about your dog and the training challenges you face. 

Free self-evaluation tool crafted by renowned dog trainer Jas Leverette, host and executive producer of the Netflix series Canine Intervention and founder of Cali K9®. Free video self-evaluation

Live Zoom Evaluation: Discuss solutions to your obedience and behavior issues with a Senior Trainer for up to 20 minutes. This will put you on the road to a well-trained companion dog you can take anywhere. Get started

Our expert dog trainers will help you jump start, boost and/or fine-tune your current or past dog training. Highly specialized beginner on-leash thru advanced off-leash training available.

Online Training

Online Dog Training Courses

Board & Train Program

Cali K9® Board & Train is a reward-driven leadership system that provides a jump-start for dogs and puppies who are new to training. Help your canine respond to commands and enjoy walks and dog parks sooner! For dogs who’ve done some training, we'll fast track, fine-tune, or reboot their progress.

Our program can be customized to fit your needs, from beginning on-leash obedience to more advanced on/off-leash. Space is limited. 

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In Person Training

The Cali K9® Modern Dog Training Method is reward-driven, highly effective, easy-to-follow and fun. We can train ANY dog! All breeds, sizes, ages, and behaviors.

Our in-person Training Package in Los Angeles and San Jose comes with private and semi-private sessions, weekly group classes, home practice drills, online training courses, and zoom group sessions.

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Group Classes for Cali K9® clients, with trainer approval

Private Training Sessions

Private training sessions may be needed when unwanted behaviors and aggression have become problematic. Our experienced senior dog trainers can help you correct these issues and educate you so you're able to work with your canine at home.

Buy a series of private training sessions in San Jose or North Hollywood. Behavior and obedience cannot be taught or corrected in a single session. Book now

Remote Services

Zoom Evaluation

Private Zoom Training

Online Dog Training Courses

For Returning Clients

2 Week Refresher Board & Train

Private Sessions for Returning Clients

Monthly Group Class with trainer approval

Equipment & Merch

Training Boxes & Starter Kits

All Training Equipment

Training Tug Toys

Always Training Apparel

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