Group Class Schedule


9 AM: Beginner Group Class - Last day Sept 12th


7 PM: "Bite Nite" Protection Group - Starts June 16th. $50 


7 PM: Beginner Group Class - Starts Sept 16th


9 AM: Advanced Off-Leash in Willow Glen

9 AM: Beginner Group Class

9 AM: Intermediate/Advanced Group Class

Classes are 1 hour each on a drop-in basis with trainer approval 

All group classes are held at the San Jose training facility unless otherwise stated.

Please arrive no more 15 minutes before group classes and no later than five minutes after class begins. If you arrive late to a group class, please don't disrupt the class or interrupt the trainer with questions until after class.

Please, no electronic devices, harnesses, retractable leashes, or gentle leaders at  group classes. Do not bring children, guests, or other dogs to group classes.

Rainy day policy for group classes NOT held at the indoor facility: If it’s raining the day of an outdoor class, the class will canceled. When possible, classes will be held inside the facility. We reserve the right to change our group class schedule. We make every attempt to notify clients of group class schedule changes via trainers, email and social media. If in doubt, contact your trainer.

Dogs in heat  are not allowed in the facility, day camp, or in group classes for a minimum of 21 days. No exceptions.

See company policies here.