Health Policy

Please read and agree to the Cali K9® Health Policy.

Due to some dogs being carriers of certain transferable infectious illnesses, and to protect all dogs in our care, we require all dog owners to follow this protocol:

1. Completed series of all standard vaccines and current boosters.
2. Up-to-date rabies vaccine.
3. Recent de-worming.
4. Ongoing flea and tick prevention.
5. New vaccine for bordetella bacterium (kennel cough) or up-to-date booster with documentation for both.
6. Recent vet visit for (a) complete physical, (b) skin check-up (staph infections, sarcoptic mange, mites, lice, ringworm, fleas, ticks, severe hot spots, etc.) and (c) fecal lab test to rule out intestinal challenges like giardia, coccidia, and other contagious parasites.
7. Recent nail trimming.
8. Recent sanitary cut and anal gland expression if required.
9. All immunizations, preventative maintenance, procedures, lab tests, and exams must be completed and detailed documentation from your vet is required before your dog's training can start. Vet must sign off. No exceptions.

Notice! Female dogs in heat are not allowed in the training facility, board & train, day camp, or in any group classes for the full duration, usually a minimum of 21 days. No exceptions.