Discuss the issues you are having with an experienced dog training professional and find a package that works for you whether it’s Online, In-Person, or our Board & Train service.

Get an Understanding of the Cali K9 Training Method & figure out your dog’s temperament to begin with the right approach.

Online Training

Train from anywhere in the world using the Cali K9 System. This includes lifetime access to our World-Renowned Online Training Course: Online Training 1.0, Online Training 2.0 & Advanced Obedience.

Establish leadership and socialize your dog to everything and anything. Teach your dog our 10 behavior system from the comfort of your home and your surrounding outdoor areas.

In Person/Online package

Jumpstart your training with 4 Private Training Sessions and 4 Group Classes to train you to be the ultimate pack leader.

This package also includes a Zoom Kick Start Session, 8 live Zoom Calls as well as lifetime access to our Online Training Courses - 1.0, 2.0 & Advanced Obedience.

Board and Train/Online package

Establish a solid Cali K9 foundation using our 4 week Board and Train program. You will also have 4 private sessions to catch up with what your dog has learned.

This package also includes lifetime access to our Online Training Courses - 1.0, 2.0 & Advanced Obedience.

We give you more support by including 8 Zoom calls with our professional team for maintenance and check up as well as the Cali K9 app for problem solving training videos on the go.

Monthly In-Person Group Subscription

After establishing your basic foundation, follow up with weekly group classes to maintain consistency with your training.

This package includes 4 weekly group training sessions and 4 weekly group zoom calls with our professional team for maintenance and motivation.

Monthly Online Group Subscription

Included is weekly zoom calls with our professional team to guide you through the training system with live demonstrations of our technique as well as Q&A segments.

Semi Private Package For Returning Clients

Continue training with 10 Semi Private Training Sessions and become a master of the Cali K9 system. This is an excellent way to get more reps in by training in a semi private environment with high distractions. This package is great for dogs that need more training due to the dog having extra impulsiveness, anxiety or aggression.