We work one-on-one with your dog, so we learn exactly what motivates him and what makes him tick. This way, we customize our 5 pillar proprietary training methods and apply and adapt them to your dog’s specific needs and your training goals. The five pillars are Obedience, Socialization, Agility, Behavior, and Problem-Solving**.


Board & Train: Daily one-on-one on-leash obedience, socialization, agility and exercise, behavior help, group training in California. An experienced dog trainer will train your dog every day using our reward-based Cali K9® balanced dog training approach and multiple reps to lock in results.

Programs are comprehensive and include our proven obedience fundamentals, daily agility, safe socialization, and distraction training. Some programs address aggression and behavior. Evaluation is required for possible human aggression.

Our 2-Week Refresher Board & Train is for Cali K9-trained dogs only with very minor behavior and anxiety issues. No aggression. Step-up, speed up, or fine-tune your dog's training.

Our 4-Week Obedience Boot Camp is ideal for all new dogs and puppies. Excellent for puppies and dogs who need basic obedience, some problem-solving, behavior help, with a goal for going off-leash. Scroll down for more details.

Our 8-Week On/Off Leash Boot Camp is designed for dogs who will go off-leash and establish on-leash obedience, as well as correct problematic behaviors and aggression along the way. Scroll down for more details. 

Programs include follow-up reinforcement training: Private one-on-one training session(s), Zoom group training sessions, group classes, daily training exercises to do at home, and more. This way, we’re able to confirm that all dog owners are on the same page as their newly-trained canines.

Training is designed to be continuous and cannot be broken up into shorter segments, including post-board & train reinforcement.


We fitness train, exercise, walk and socialize your dog. We strive to provide a stress-free, enjoyable experience, and a boost of confidence for your dog as he learns to navigate different people and other dogs. Anxiety reduction will benefit your canine’s behavior down the road.


Your dog needs to be able to safely adapt to a wide variety of real world situations on a daily basis. So, dogs also work with different dog trainers and canines in small social groups. This provides an excellent opportunity to work on focus, recall command and distraction.

2 Week Cali K9-Trained Dogs Only CLICK HERE

4 Week Obedience Boot Camp CLICK HERE

8 Week Advanced On/Off Leash Boot Camp CLICK HERE


Drop-off, pick-up, and follow-up training will be scheduled in San Jose or North Hollywood.

Participants must agree all terms, conditions and policies at checkout and must also provide additional written documentation prior to scheduling.

**With approval, we accept healthy, fully-vaccinated dogs and puppies over 4 months of age for on-leash training.

Puppies must be over seven months at the start of training for off-leash training. Space is limited. Scheduling must be flexible. Drop off dates, locations, and times will vary. Post-board & train follow-up training must be very consistent and will expire quickly.

Important: We may call you to discuss schedules and possible dates/times for drop off and pick-up prior to scheduling your 'drop off date'. Please tell us about the behaviors your dog or puppy exhibits.

**Human-directed aggression,  separation anxiety, constantly escaping: Evaluation required. Human aggression means growling, snarling, baring teeth, lunging, charging, snapping, mouthing, biting or attempting to bite, raised hackles and/or rigid body posture directed toward trainers or other humans.

Minimum Requirements

  • Two-Week Refresher Program: For Cali K9-trained dogs only who have completed one of our training programs. No aggression or behavior issues. Sorry, no new dogs.
  • Minor human-directed aggression: Evaluation required to be admitted into our 4-Week or 8-Week Program**
  • No severe human aggression, separation anxiety or constant escaping.
  • Dogs must be at least 4 months of age for on-leash training
  • Dogs must be at least 7 month of age to start any training that may involve going off-leash
  • Free of injuries and illnesses
  • Vaccinations, health policy protocol, and phone interview is required

**Cancellation & Company Policies here

**Board & Train Agreement here


2 Week Cali K9-Trained Dogs Only CLICK HERE

4 Week Obedience Boot Camp CLICK HERE

8 Week Advanced On/Off Leash Boot Camp CLICK HERE


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