Our mission is to transform the lives of dogs and their owners by providing expert dog training and communication services. We aim to enhance the bond between humans and animals, create harmonious relationships, and unlock the true potential of every dog through our comprehensive training methods. Our mission is to help reduce the number of dog bite cases and dogs sent to shelters.


Jas Leverette, the star of Canine Intervention, has a lifelong passion for animal communication and training. Growing up in Oakland, California, he immersed himself in the world of dogs and horses, participating in various sports and honing his natural ability to communicate with animals. With years of experience and a dedication to his craft, Jas has become a renowned expert in dog training and behavior modification.


At California K9 Solutions®, we employ the Cali K9® 5-Pillar Modern Dog Training Method, a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects of dog training and behavior modification. Our training methods are based on positive reinforcement, clear communication, and understanding the individual needs and characteristics of each dog. We prioritize building trust, fostering obedience, and addressing behavioral issues to create well-rounded and happy dogs. We train both dog and owner to overcome common dog behavior challenges


Our philosophy centers around the belief that every dog is unique and capable of reaching its full potential. We strive to create a positive and supportive environment where both dogs and their owners can thrive. We believe in the power of effective communication, empathy, and respect to establish a strong foundation for a lifelong partnership between humans and animals. Our dedication to continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest techniques ensures that we provide the highest quality training services to our clients.

Whether it's training family pets, working with professional athletes' canines, or collaborating with law enforcement agencies, we are committed to delivering exceptional results and improving the lives of dogs and their owners. Our services are available in various locations, including San Jose, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and through online platforms.

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