Frequently Asked Questions About Training Your Dog

What type of dog training services do you provide?

Cali K9® modern dog training services include beginning through advanced on-leash and off-leash obedience, agility, puppy training, socialization, behavior modification, day camp, aggressive dog rehabilitation, board & train programs, dog sport & working dogs, and executive and personal protection. We utilize our proven balanced dog training methods to establish your “pack leadership” and help your dog’s good behavior cruise into auto-pilot. Voted Best of Silicon Valley ‘Best Pet Trainer” in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018!

How do I get started training my dog?

Our dog training process starts with an optional evaluation, during which we observe and analyze your dog’s behavior, discuss your dog training goals, and get a feel for what motivates your dog. From there, we determine which training package will suit your dog’s behaviors, your objectives, budget and schedule, and the overall needs of your dog.

To get started, you can try our free online self-evaluationpurchase a training package online (evaluation not required) or schedule your one-on-one evaluation at huge new San Jose dog training facility at 2159 South 10th Street in San Jose.

What can I expect from a training package?

Depending on the training package, they can include semi-private or private sessions, group obedience classes, and “out & about” on and off-leash training. You will learn our specialized dog training techniques during your semi-private or private training sessions so you can practice them at home, during group classes, and eventually, everywhere else on a daily basis. Learn more about our dog training packages here.

What's the difference between semi-private and private dog training sessions?

Cali K9® semi-private dog training sessions give you everything our one-on-one sessions offer. We’ll address your specific needs and dog training goals. During your first training session, you will begin to socialize your dog and learn the basic dog training terms and lingo we use. We’ll introduce you to some effective methods to show you what you should want and don’t want from your dog. We also leave you with exercises to reinforce those needs when you train every day at home. Every week, training sessions will become more specific. We set-up controlled environments and distractions where we show your dog how to behave under a variety of conditions.
In addition, you will be able to train during weekday evening and Saturday prime time hours, meet one or two other Cali K9® clients and their dogs right away, safely socialize your dog in a small group setting (maximum 3 dogs), quickly prepare for larger group classes and dog parks, and work directly with our head dog trainers.

What is behavior modification training?

Cali K9® can help you change negative behavior patterns and habits your dog has developed over time. For example, if your dog is behaving badly or does something specific you don’t want it to do, like barking every time the doorbell rings, the Cali K9® dog training team can help you. Cali K9® one-on-one “targeted training” can teach you to modify unwanted behaviors using our proven training techniques (a) correctly, (b) very consistently, and (c) on a daily basis. Explore dog behavior terminology to help you determine the severity of your dog’s behavior problem. Then, match these behaviors with the right training package by using our training package tables.

Do you train all breeds? Do you train small dogs too?

We can train ANY dog!® The happiness and health of your dog is Cali K9®′s number one priority. We believe that all dogs, regardless of breed, size, age, temperament or behavior issue, can benefit from training with the Cali K9® Bay Area dog training team. We’ll help you build a better relationship with your dog!

Do you charge for an evaluation? Any alternatives?
Our low-cost one-one-one evaluation allows our senior evaluators to carefully observe and analyze your dog’s individual needs, temperament, and behavior to match you with the correct training package that may include obedience, socialization, behavior modification, aggressive dog rehabilitation, and more. Alternately, you can explore dog training and behavior terms and based on your dog’s behavior issues, purchase a training package online which doesn’t require an evaluation. We now offer a free video self-evaluation online.
Is correcting my dog going to hurt my relationship with him?
Being a loving, fair, and consistent dog handler is going to improve your relationship with your dog. In packs and out in the wild, most animals, especially dogs, will “correct” one another to keep order and harmony within the pack structure.
Why can't you give me dog training advice on the phone?
We give dog training tips and advice to our current clients on the phone between training sessions. Because we don’t have a working relationship with your dog, we’re unable to give advice over the phone. Visit our Learning Center, Dog Blog, and Training Services for more information about training your dog or puppy.
Why do training contracts expire in six months?
In order for our dog training programs to be successful, our clients and their dogs require consistent training, guidance and reinforcement. We recommend that you train with us at least once a week. Long lapses between private training sessions and group classes mean you’ll always be starting over, making it difficult to help you resolve obedience and behavior issues on a longterm basis. See our company policies here.
Why can't I always train with Jas?
Jas’ calendar lacks the flexibility to be able to train with all Cali K9® clients due to a hectic company business, travel and competition schedule. He performs many of the evaluations and teaches some intermediate and advanced group classes and private sessions, as time permits. All Cali K9® Bay Area dog trainers are hand-picked, mentored and trained by Jas Leverette, so you will always be in good hands when you train your dog(s) with us.
How does the evaluator match me up with a trainer?
Your Cali K9® evaluator takes into consideration your dog’s behavior, your training goals, your schedule, the trainer’s availability and the overall needs of your dog. Find out more by scheduling an evaluation.
Do you guarantee my dog can be trained?
We can train any dog!® Any dog can be trained so long as the dog’s handler is working with their dog on a daily basis and being consistent. Dog training includes learning our award-winning methods, terminology, and techniques, daily practice, consistency, multiple owners being on the same page, ongoing guidance, follow-up evaluations and professional dog training sessions and group classes, and the health and age of your dog. Since we can’t “go home with you” to monitor your daily training, consistency and your dog’s environment, we’re unable to make specific promises or give time limits or guarantees. See our company policies here.
I don't have time to train my dog. Why can't you train it for me?
Our canine trainers can train any dog and resolve dog behavior issues, but our trainers don’t live with your dog. The goal of our dog training program is to teach you and your family how to manage your dog’s behavior and feel confident handling your dog in any situation. We do offer Board & Train Packages to jump-start your dog training efforts.
When can I start training my puppy? Why do they have to be fully vaccinated first?
We start training puppies as soon as they have all of their shots, including their rabies vaccine. We believe the health and well-being of your puppy is a priority before it begins training and is exposed to other dogs. Your vet can advise you when all vaccinations are complete. Once complete, you can purchase a Dog Training Package and look into our Board & Train Program.
Why don't you offer in-home evaluations?

Your home is your dog’s comfort zone. Doing a home evaluation is not going to let our evaluators see the dog’s true temperament or all potential behavior issues. We prefer to be able to make the most accurate training recommendations for your dog, so all evaluations are held at our facility in San Jose.

Why can't my training sessions be done at my home?
We prefer to start your training at our facility so that we can see how your dog reacts in a new environment under controlled levels of distraction. Evaluations, semi-private and private training sessions, and some group classes are held at our facility in San Jose. Some group classes are held “out & about” in the surrounding community.
What qualifications do your trainers have?

Our Bay Area canine trainers are all Cali K9®-trained, experienced, highly competent, and part of the team voted Best of Silicon Valley Pet Trainer 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018! Learn all about Jas Leverette and the expert Cali K9® training team here.

My dog is over 10 years old. Can he still be trained?

Yes, we can teach your old dog some new tricks! All dogs, no matter what age, can benefit from a training program. It’s never too late to learn something new, socialize your dog, improve his agility, increase his confidence, and/or correct unwanted behaviors or mild aggression.

Do you offer payment plans and how does that work?
Yes, we do offer payment plans on any of our training packages. We require 50% down and the balance will be paid automatically with your credit card every 2 to 4 weeks until paid in full. A small processing fee will be added to each payment. For more payment information, contact us.
Do you ever offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts to seniors, multiple dogs (in the same household), dogs adopted from rescue organizations, full-time students, and to our returning clients whose dog just needs a refresher course. Discounts are sometimes offered to active and retired military, law enforcement, fire department, and search & rescue personnel, depending on the circumstances.

Why can't I just start with group classes?

The Cali K9® Modern Dog Training Method is a program developed by Jas Leverette to ensure that handlers can always manage their dog’s behavior under real-world distractions by using the Cali K9® one-command system. Handlers and their dogs who attend our group classes have been training for a while, have an understanding of our commands, training techniques, terminology, and group class rules, and have been approved by their trainer to attend group classes. Without the training foundation we provide in our private and/or semi-private sessions, group classes will not be nearly as beneficial to you or your dog.

Do you offer apprenticeships, internships, staff positions or dog training programs?

Yes, we offer apprenticeships in San Jose on a limited basis. We also have job openings for experienced dog trainers and other kennel and office staff. To be considered for a position, please send a detailed cover letter outlining your dog handling experience, long and short-term career goals, office and computer skills, and your resume to We’ll contact you if we feel you might be a “fit” for our program or an open staff position.

In addition, the Cali K9® Professional Dog Handler Program is a fee-based six or twelve-month educational commitment, similar to attending a vocational or trade school.

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