Behavior Issues

Common: Potty training, crate training, problems walking on a leash, minor chewing, shyness, unwanted barking

More complex: Any of the above, plus marking, destructive chewing, separation anxiety, humping

Severe: Any of the above, with escaping, running away, chasing cars and bikes


Common: Leash pulling, jumping on people or animals, unwanted barking, growling, guarding food and possessions

Moderate: Any of the above, with mouthing, nipping, biting, destructive behavior in and out of the home, lunging, provoking another dog, fear aggression

Severe: Any of the above, plus attacking people, animals and/or inanimate objects, unpredictable displays of aggression, animal control cases

Dog Training Terms was last modified: December 11th, 2016 by Cali K9®