Day Camp for Cali K9® Clients

Cali K9® Day Camp is where your dog-in-training can spend the day to boost his progress. Our experienced Bay Area dog trainers will train, exercise, walk and socialize your dog(s) at our new 13,000 sq. ft. San Jose dog training, agility and day camp facility while you’re at work. Drop off available as early as 7 AM.

Day Camp training includes socialization, walks, a supervised workout on the Dog Pacer treadmill, confidence-building work on our agility course, and obedience training. Day Camp is a part of our Board & Train Program and also works well in conjunction with a Cali K9® Training Package to enhance results and build your dog’s confidence.

Day Camp sharpens and reinforces training, promotes positive behavior, and socializes your dog. This is an excellent opportunity for your canine to practice basic obedience, build strength and reduce stress. We accept all breeds and sizes. Current clients only, with your trainer’s approval. Reservations are required.

Book your appointments in advance because space is limited. Ask your trainer for details, then send us a message or call the office at 408.770.7556. Please, no walk-ins or drop offs without a confirmed appointment and trainer approval.

Health Policy:  Due to some dogs being carriers of certain transferable infectious illnesses, and to protect all dogs in our care, we now require all dog owners to follow this updated protocol: 1. Completed series of standard vaccines and current boosters. 2. Up-to-date rabies vaccine. 3. Recent de-worming. 4. Ongoing monthly flea and tick prevention. 5. Vaccine for bordetella bacterium and regular boosters. 6. Recent vet visit for (a) complete physical, (b) skin check-up (infectious staph, sarcoptic mange, mites, lice, ringworm, fleas, ticks, etc.) and (c) fecal lab test to rule out  intestinal challenges like giardia, coccidia, and other contagious parasites. Complete documentation from vet required.

Notice! Dogs in heat are not allowed in the training facility, day camp, daycare, dog boarding, or in any group classes for a minimum of 21 days. No exceptions.

1-408-770-7556 |  #CALIK9
1-408-770-7556 |  #CALIK9
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