group-dog-training-4The most common distraction for dogs, other than a cat, is another dog. Other canines deliver the highest level of distraction when your dog is in public. Without distraction training, natural canine instinct and a heightened sense of smell will drive your dog to enter another dog’s personal space. As a dog owner, you are responsible for keeping your canine safe and under control. That means training him to listen to your commands everywhere you go.
group-dog-training-3Group dog training classes and semi-private training sessions automatically include distraction training and exposure to other dogs. They provide an opportunity for you to safely expose your dog to other dogs of various sizes, breeds and obedience levels. Additionally, we bring in our own Cali K9® demo dogs. With one-on-one and semi-private dog training sessions as a foundation, your trainer will gradually introduce other dogs to help distract your dog.

group-dog-training-2With other dogs as distractions, we will condition your dog to seek permission before he can freely explore. This gives you chance to establish a positive bond and create a sense of authority (pack leadership) over your dog. In addition, you will learn how to evaluate whether or not it’s safe for your dog to explore and socialize without risk.

group-dog-training-1These distraction training exercises further our goals to reduce risk and liability for dog owners, and help make a positive impression on non-dog-owners. This is especially true for the bully breeds whose reputation has been tarnished by the actions of uneducated owners and their aggressive dogs.

A core feature of the Cali K9 vision and mission is to help dogs of all breeds and sizes exhibit good behavior in our Bay Area communities!

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