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Online Dog Training

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No time to train your dog? Think again! We’ll train YOU to train your dog, on your schedule, not ours. Train your dog online day or night at your own pace and achieve rapid and lasting results. Buy Training Kit 



Online dog training is easy, effective, and enjoyable for you and your dog!  

This online dog training system is reward-based and consists of easy-to-learn dog training videos, visual aids, study guides, and homework to keep you and your dog motivated and consistent long-term. 

Online dog training begins with an introduction video, followed by nine sessions teaching you simple commands and exercises. As the course progresses, sessions increasingly become more complex and advanced. Daily practice is required. 

Shop for dog training training equipment. See our 30-day no questions asked money-back promise here.  

Spend only 15 minutes a day and become your dog’s expert handler and best friend!   

 Obedience Fundamentals

  • Establish your leadership
  • Build structure with daily activities
  • Improve communication
  • Be clear, consistent and fair
  • Use basic training commands
  • Establish rules and set boundaries
  • Time your praise and corrections
  • Maximize your dog’s expression
  • Safely socialize your dog
  • Build a lasting bond with your canine
  • Proof behavior by adding distractions and real-world scenarios
  • Exercise and reinforce your leadership as a way of life
  • Buy starter kits and boxes
  • Our 30-day money-back promise and refund policy
Phone & Zoom Evaluations freeshipping - Cali K9® Training & Store

Zoom Evaluations

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Evaluate Your Dog by Zoom or Phone 

Learn more about your dog or puppy's behavior!

Let one of our experienced Senior Dog Trainers on evaluate your dog on Monday or Wednesday and discuss solutions to behavior issues for up to 20 minutes to get you started on the road to a well-trained companion dog you can take anywhere. 

Zoom Dog Training Sessions are also available for ongoing remote training. Training box and specific equipment required.

Training Box freeshipping - Cali K9® Training & Store
Training Box freeshipping - Cali K9® Training & Store
Training Box freeshipping - Cali K9® Training & Store
Training Box freeshipping - Cali K9® Training & Store
Training Box freeshipping - Cali K9® Training & Store

Training Box

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Training Box

The Cali K9® professionally-designed, custom wood training box will allow you to train your dog on an elevated platform. This will encourage focus, establish place command, and help you build a better relationship with your dog. Flip the box over to use as a front and heel position box. 

Important: These heavy-duty training boxes are unfinished and will show minor blemishes and irregularities, even when new.

Boxes ship separately from other items in your order, usually within 1 week. Training boxes are shipped for $25 per box to addresses in the continental USA only. Sorry, we don't ship boxes to HI, AK, PR, or outside of the US. 

On-Leash Obedience freeshipping - Cali K9® Training & Store

Advanced Obedience

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20% OFF Cali K9® Elite Obedience 

Discount Code:  TRAINING20

  • 10 comprehensive sessions (1 hour each)
  • daily homework assignments
  • 10 group obedience classes (1 hour each)
  • on-leash obedience training
  • progress to off-leash with daily practice
  • agility confidence training
  • safe socialization
  • behavior modification
  • some aggression
  • evaluation not required
  • in-person packages do not come with online training course.

One training package for one dog. Scheduling times will vary. There may be a wait before initial sessions can be scheduled. Training in San Jose and in North Hollywood, starting in January 2022.