Is Your Dog Aggressive, Anxious Or Impulsive?

Train like the stars at an affordable price! 

Is Your Dog Aggressive, Anxious Or Impulsive?

Train like the stars at an affordable price! 

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Canine Intervention on Netflix

California K9 Solutions Dog Training

Led by me, Jas Leverette, host & executive producer of Netflix series Canine Intervention and founder of Cali K9® Dog Training

The Cali K9® 5-Pillar Dog Training System

Our proprietary dog training system is recognized as one of the best systems in the world and our reviews, testimonials and client track record can confirm that. Our system has been evolving since 2009: Obedience, Socialization, Agility, Behavior Management and Problem Solving Techniques. Any issues you are having with your dog will be addressed and solved using this training method that guarantees results.

Find the perfect Dog Training Package for your dog’s needs

What makes us special is not only our extensive experience, but also the way we recognize your dog as an individual.

Not every dog learns the same way or is motivated by the same things. Knowing how your dog ticks is of the utmost importance to us.

We adapt our training methods to your dog's specific needs and your training goals.

While working with Cali K9, your dog is respected and treated like they should be, as a beloved family member.

We make the process of dog training a game for your dog, rewarding them for desired behavior to make life-lasting changes.

Be Honest With Me...

Are you finding simple dog walks stressful and frustrating?

While having guests, is your dog's behavior a constant struggle and embarrassment?

Is your dog nervous, peeing or barking at strangers?

Is your dog exhibiting aggression?

Is your dog acting impulsive and unpredictable?

Do you feel your dog is a potential liability?

If the answer is "Yes" to ANY of the above, then...

Join The Cali K9 Family & With This In Person Training You Will:

Create clear communication with your dog

Develop Pack-Leadership without conflict

Maximize your dog's potential

Create a dog that is well-mannered and obedient

Establish a sense a trust & respect from your motivated canine, utilizing modern methods

You Can Achieve This By... Training Just 15 Minutes A Day!

Hear From Our Clients Who Used This Amazing Training System


Discuss the issues you are having with an experienced dog training professional and find a package that works for you whether it’s Online, In-Person, or our Board & Train service.

Online Training

Train from anywhere in the world using the Cali K9 World-Renowned Online Training Course